Hello Grandpa Style!

Do you remember what your grandpa is wearing today? Most grandpas might wear old-fashioned cloths and stay away from the word “Fashion”; at least it is true in China.

However, Grandpa Style becomes very popular in China last year. Photos of a 72-year-old man posing as a “female” model in stylish clothes went viral on the Internet after his granddaughter posted them on her clothing store on Tmall.com, China’s largest retail website.


Wearing aviator sunglasses and a selection of thigh-high tights and frilly skirts, 72-year-old Liu Qianping has caused quite a stir in China.


In the past few months, images of the former farmer from Hunan Province in China have appeared on Taobao, the Chinese version of eBay, marketing clothes for Yecoo, a business set up by his granddaughter Lv Ting and four of her friends.


Lv invited her grandfather to visit her in the southern of Guangzhou, and while unpacking boxes of clothes to sell, he pulled out — and slipped on — a hot pink cloak.


Struck by how well he wore it, a friend assembled some amateur lighting and starting taking photos that were later posted online.


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