Yeohlee Tang: 2013 New Year Show

136065581349722013021202541127_32755    According to World Journal reported February 12, Chinese fashion designer Yeohlee Teng present her fall 2013 fashion designs in Midtown Manhattan.

The theme of this season series is freedom, which is inspired by the speech about freedom made by President Roosevelt on January 6, 1941. Yeohlee also hopes to design clothing for women’s convenience. The season design is a feast of color. Apart from the most popular color in the Fashion Week like red, white, black, gray, Tang Yao Li added dark green with purple, brick red with orange and other dark colors.

With accompaniment of cheerful violin, models stepped on the T-stage one by one. All of them were wearing black stockings and black shoes or black boots, and many of them tied back ponytail. They showed a classic Eastern style. A total of 16 sets of clothing were showed, with simple casual street style of New York in the fall. These styles includes easing in long cardigan wool coat, a sleeve round neck loose skirt with fold Leggings, black and white plaid skirts, etc.,as well as similar Chinese lantern shape skirt dress. The finale is a sling deep orange silk gown, which displayed the New Yorker casual and uninhibited style.

Yeohlee said with a laugh that, coincidently, right now is the Chinese Lunar New Year. She also useda lot of Chinese red, which added some New Year’s taste in her season’s work.

Talking about fashion designers in recent years, talent Asian designers did a great job. Yeohless is one of the first group of Asian designers worked in New York. Women like her, such as Chi-Mei Shiao (Anna Sui), Vera Wang (Vera Wang), opened up a brand new world of Eastern fashion style in recent years. And more and more male Asian designers achieved greatly. Yeohlee believes that outstanding Asian designers could break the stereotype that the Asians were uncreative.


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